Griffin departs Port Charles; Dante returns
General Hospital Recap for Friday, March 22, 2019
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Friday, March 22, 2019

Lulu was on the phone with Peter when she saw and heard the knob moving on her front door. She urged Peter to call the police, but she was stunned when Dante walked in. "I surrender," he said as he stopped short after eyeing Lulu with a poker in her hand. He noted that she had changed the locks, and he'd had to pick them.

Lulu quickly told Peter that it was only Dante, and she ran into her husband's arms. Dante told her that Raj was dead, but he was sorry for what had happened to Lulu, because he should have been there. He had failed to keep her safe. Lulu assured Dante that she only cared that he was home. Dante's phone began to ring, and Lulu urged him to answer it. It was Frisco Jones, who had called to commend Dante on a job well done.

Shortly after, Lulu and Dante made love. Lulu wanted her husband to promise not to leave again, and he did. "We can beat anything if we're together," Lulu said. She didn't see the scars that were displayed prominently all over Dante's back.

Chase and Laura met with Jordan and Margaux at the police station. Jordan insisted she was up to handling the work, and she related the fact that Ryan's body had not been recovered. Laura was concerned that he could be back in Port Charles. Jordan thought that perhaps Ryan had frozen to death, and his body would still turn up.

Margaux revealed that the official investigation in Canada had been called off, and Ryan had been declared dead. Laura hoped that the Port Charles Police Department would continue the search. Jordan promised that they would, though it would be difficult without any federal or Canadian aid.

Upon further discussion, Margaux referred to Kevin as a liability in the case and stated that she planned to charge him as an accomplice. Laura argued with Margaux, and Jordan added that the case was politically sensitive. Laura was adamant that she would be transparent, and Margaux asked if she had the mayor's support.

At the pier, Griffin attacked Kevin and beat him badly. He told Kevin off, and just as he appeared ready to bash Kevin's head in with a crate, Ava saw them and shouted for Griffin to stop. Ava assured Griffin that it was Kevin, and he hadn't been the one to kill Kiki. Griffin thought that Kevin might as well have killed Kiki, since he'd known that Ryan was alive.

Ava told Griffin to go home, and she declared that she was protecting Griffin and not Kevin. She added that Kiki wouldn't have wanted Griffin to have Kevin's blood on his hands. "He's all yours," Griffin snapped, and he walked off. Kevin thanked Ava, but she glared at him.

Kevin struggled to get up from the ground and admitted that there wasn't much of him worth saving. Ava found a package of tissues in her purse and tossed it to him. Kevin admitted he'd been treating Ryan for months, and he was really sorry. Ava knew that he was and called it doing the wrong thing for the right reason. She was familiar with that herself, but she was the one with the dead kid.

Kevin thought that Ava had a right to despise him. She offered to call an ambulance, but Kevin didn't want to make any trouble for Griffin. Ava sent a text message to Julian for help. As the pair talked, a cop showed up and, spotting Kevin, trained his gun on Kevin. He placed cuffs on the doctor, even though Ava tried to convince him that it wasn't Ryan. The cop threatened to turn Ava in for public intoxication. Kevin told her to go home, as she'd saved enough people for one day.

Julian ran into Brad and Wiley at Kelly's and sat down at their table to chat. He told Brad that he looked like crap, and Brad disclosed that his family's downfall was in full view in the Invader. He proceeded to read aloud a letter written to Liesl about a baby inheriting possible mental issues from its mother.

Julian asked about the possibility of the father passing something on and wondered if they should worry about that. He quickly assured Brad that only three people were familiar with Wiley's true parentage, and he urged Brad to see a doctor for his stress. Julian received a text message from Ava and had to leave.

Sam found Jason at the hospital and told him that Shiloh was going to be her personal mentor, which meant she had to be available at all times and would have to do what he said. She would be unable to have any thoughts of her own. She added that Shiloh had been more than happy to welcome her to the commitment class. Jason informed Sam that Sonny was back, but Sam wanted more time to investigate Shiloh before Sonny heard and possibly ruined things for Kristina.

Carly walked into an examination room and found Lucas tending to Sonny's bullet wound. She gave Sonny the third degree and demanded to know how he'd been shot. Sonny informed her that there was a lot to tell, and he admitted that Dante had shot him. Lucas assured Carly that Sonny would be fine, although Carly was angry. She was just happy that Sonny was safely at home.

By the time Jason walked into the examination room, he found Carly and Sonny in an embrace. Carly declared that Sonny had a minor injury and was not fine. Sonny revealed that Dante had taken it hard after hearing about the attack on Lulu, and Carly disclosed that there had been other trouble while Sonny had been gone.

Sonny heard about the events in Canada with Ryan, and he demanded that Ryan be found. He added that if Ryan was still alive, he wanted him dead. Jason proceeded to fill Sonny in on the problem with Kristina and Dawn of Day, and he told Sonny about the argument he'd observed between Kristina and Molly.

Jason went on to say that Kristina had been isolating herself and that Shiloh had been controlling her. Carly was concerned that Kristina would blame Sonny if anything were to happen to Shiloh, but Sonny was more concerned about Kristina.

Lucas spotted Griffin in the hallway and demanded to check him out. It was obvious that Griffin had been in a fight. While Lucas worked on his patient, he talked about how he'd always been in awe of Griffin, but he wondered what had happened to make Griffin appear so lost. Griffin declared that he couldn't get better in Port Charles because he felt rage and saw ghosts.

Griffin asked Lucas to write out a letter for him because his hand had been injured. It was to Monica, and Griffin told her that he was resigning from his position at the hospital, effective immediately. Shortly after, the pair walked through the hallway and ran into Sonny and Carly, who were getting off the elevator.

Griffin elaborated on how it had been his honor to know Sonny's family and to have been able to treat Mike. He had a new doctor for Sonny to call. "Did he just say goodbye?" Carly asked as Griffin walked off. "For now," Lucas replied. Griffin took a last look around.

Willow was startled when Shiloh walked into her classroom. He talked about how upset he'd been when she had disappeared, and he was glad to see that she was safe. He drew closer to the teacher and told her that the two of them were destined to be together. Willow wanted to know how he'd found her. "You can't dodge fate," Shiloh replied, noting that her name change hadn't deterred him.

Shiloh reminded Willow that she'd made a promise not to leave, and she had broken it. Willow insisted that the promise had been made "under duress," and she ordered him to leave the classroom. She threatened to call the police. Shiloh taunted her and made it known that the police wouldn't care about him being there.

Willow told Shiloh he was a manipulative liar, and she vowed to turn what he'd done against him. Shiloh responded that he wouldn't allow Willow to slander him but she acknowledged that she wouldn't allow him to push her around. She held her phone in her hand and tapped some buttons as they argued.

Shiloh thought that Willow had regressed, and he announced that he would take care of her. He added that she would be welcomed home. Willow retorted that she'd seen how Shiloh had taken care of things, and though she missed her DOD family, she had a new life. Shiloh insisted that DOD had everything that Willow would need or want. As he held out his hand to her, Chase burst through the door.

Willow declared that Chase was right on time for his parent-teacher conference. Shiloh began to introduce himself, but Willow interrupted him to announce that he was just leaving. Shiloh whispered that his door was open for her. Chase and Willow stared angrily at Shiloh's departing back.

Chase asked Willow what was going on, but she didn't want him to get involved. She told him to stay away. Chase reminded her that she had sent him a text message, and he wanted to know everything. Willow told him that she was canceling their weekend together because she was leaving town. Chase was certain that Shiloh would find Willow again, and he offered to help her. He deduced that Willow had been in DOD, and he asked if Shiloh was her baby's father. He asked why she was scared.

Sam and Danny stopped at Kelly's and chatted with Brad and Wiley, who spit up all over Sam. Shiloh walked in, and Sam introduced Shiloh and Brad. Shiloh offered to watch Danny while Sam went to the ladies' room to clean up. Sam refused at first, and Shiloh wondered if she trusted him. Brad called out that he was there, too, and awkwardly, Sam stated that she trusted Shiloh.

Shiloh introduced himself to Danny while Sam was gone, and they bumped fists. Jason was outside, peering into the window with an angry look on his face.

The cop arrived at the police station with Kevin in tow. Laura announced that it was really Kevin and not Ryan. Laura saw his bruised face, and Kevin insisted that he had deserved it. The cop removed the cuffs. Jordan wanted to ask Kevin some questions, and he agreed. He didn't care about having an attorney present.

Jordan turned her recorder on. She asked Kevin about treating Ryan, and he admitted that he had treated Ryan at Ferncliff under the name of Todd Wilson. He had been concealing his brother since May 2018. Margaux placed Kevin under arrest, and Jordan read him his rights.

Ava sat at the pier and looked at her engagement ring. She removed it and heaved it into the water. "You're late!" Ava shouted when Julian finally appeared. He could see that she was drunk as she staggered and stuttered. When her phone rang, she answered it tentatively because it said the caller was unknown. She heard someone breathing, but there was no answer. "Ryan?" she asked. Julian grabbed the phone from her and threatened the caller. The line went dead.

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