Diana scrambles to cover her tracks
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, March 22, 2019
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Friday, March 22, 2019

At the police station, Eli and Lani talked about Haley's immigration situation. "She is going to need a miracle," Lani said. With a shrug, Lani lamented that a good person could be forced to leave the country.

"J.J. really cares about her, and after everything that he has been through, I would hate for him to miss out at a chance at happiness," Lani said. Lani wrapped up her work for the day and teased Eli that he was still on the clock. Eli suggested that Lani should head over to his apartment and wait for him.

"I guarantee that I will make it worth your while," Eli purred. Lani looked around. Lani asked Eli if there were security cameras on them. With a grin, Eli told Lani she was going to get them in trouble.

"Ask me if I care?" Lani said. Lani sat on Eli's lap and kissed him. With a chuckle, Lani suggested that they quit while they were ahead. Lani told Eli she would meet him at his apartment. Excited, Eli readily agreed. As Lani turned to leave, Diana walked into the station. Eli asked Diana what she needed.

"I am a reporter. In fact, I used to own the Spectator. And now I own the paper in my hometown, and I am working on a piece on Kristen DiMera," Diana said. Diana said she wanted to bring Kristen to justice for everything Kristen had done to her friend John. Diana questioned Eli about the case, and Eli confirmed that the only step left in the investigation was to test the I.V. bags for fingerprints. Eli added that Diana needed to arrange interviews through the media representative in the future. With a wink and a handshake, Eli said he was happy to help a friend of John.

As Diana gathered her things to leave, Eli asked Lani to remove the I.V. bag from the evidence locker and place it in the safe. "This is the DiMeras we're talking about," Eli explained. With a nod, Lani headed down to the evidence locker. Diana watched Lani from the corner of her eye.

At the loft, Tripp told Claire that he had bad news. "I am totally committed to our relationship, Claire, and I have no feelings toward Haley at all, but we're getting married," Tripp announced. Claire's mouth fell open. In shock, Claire told Tripp he was insane.

"You are committed to me but you are marrying Haley?" Claire asked. Tripp explained the situation with J.J. Claire asked Tripp why he had discouraged Haley from marrying J.J. Tripp said he was confident that, unlike J.J., Jack would ignore Tripp's marriage to Haley. When Tripp mentioned that he had suggested himself as a groom, Claire shook her head.

"This was your idea?" Claire asked in disbelief. Claire argued that Immigration would see through the sham marriage. Claire added that Immigration could review her social media posts and know that Tripp was lying.

"When you get caught, Tripp, you could actually go to jail. We could get busted," Claire said. Tripp promised he would protect everyone. Claire asked about their relationship. When Tripp suggested that he and Claire could be together privately, Claire said she did not want to live her life as a secret.

"Keeping secrets can be kinda hot," Tripp said with a grin. "You know what is hot? Having a boyfriend who is proud to be with you," Claire said angrily. Tripp argued that what had happened to Haley was not fair. Claire huffed in frustration. "Are you sure you don't have feelings for her?" Claire asked. Trip said no.

"I know what it is like to feel all alone in this world. To feel abandoned," Tripp said. Tripp explained that he needed Haley to feel like someone was in her corner. Claire asked Tripp if she needed to decide between their relationship and Haley. Tripp stressed that he did not want to break up. When Tripp told Claire that he planned to marry Haley the next day, Claire groaned. Frustrated, Claire asked Tripp how he thought he could make Immigration believe the marriage was real. Tripp said he was confident he could convince everyone.

Claire picked up a pillow and screamed into it. With a sigh, Claire said, "Yes, I'll support you, but I really don't like it." Relieved, Tripp hugged Claire then kissed her passionately.

Haley went to J.J.'s apartment and told him that she had decided to marry Tripp. Confused, J.J. asked why Haley had chosen his cousin instead of him. Haley explained that marrying Tripp was easier. Haley added that Jack would never let her have a break if she married Jack's son.

"I'll not only be protecting myself, but I'll be protecting you," Haley said. Upset, J.J. said he did not care about his father. "He cares about himself and his campaign, which is why I'm going to make sure he never becomes mayor," J.J. said. Haley argued that she did not want to be the reason that J.J. and Jack stopped speaking. J.J. countered that Jack was the reason, not Haley.

J.J. asked Haley if she still hated him. Haley insisted she did not. "You trusted [Jack], and he let you down. That's just who you are," Haley said. Haley told J.J. that she appreciated all his help but that she did not want J.J. to marry her out of guilt. J.J. asked for more time. With a shake of her head, Haley said she needed to move forward immediately. J.J. asked about Claire. Haley said that Tripp was confident that he could convince Claire to go along with the plan. J.J. reminded Haley that he was single and the better choice.

"If you're going to make this seem like a real marriage, you have to stay together for a long time. Years," J.J. said. Haley insisted that she was prepared for the scrutiny. J.J. asked Haley if she wanted to be in a fake, loveless marriage with someone that was in love with someone else.

"With someone that doesn't care about you like I do," J.J. added. J.J. kissed Haley passionately. After a moment, Haley pulled away. "We can't do this!" Haley yelped. J.J. cried out that he did not want to lose Haley. Through tears, Haley said she needed to marry Tripp. Haley ran out of the apartment.

In the Kiriakis living room, Gabi asked Brady about their plan with Leo. With a chuckle, Brady said the plan had gone well. Brady informed Gabi that Leo had been taken in, "hook, line, and sinker." Brady toasted Gabi for her help. When Brady asked Gabi about her evening plans, Gabi said she was going to get takeout and go home. Brady urged Gabi to go out on the town, but Gabi said everyone hated her for what she had done to Abigail.

"We've both made mistakes. Stay the course. It will get better. I promise you," Brady said. Gabi's phone buzzed. With a groan, Gabi announced that the boss wanted to see her. Brady asked Gabi if she was willing to spy on Stefan for him. "With pleasure," Gabi said as she walked out.

In the DiMera mansion, Leo sauntered into the living room and commented to Stefan about the boarded-up windows. As Leo went to pour a drink, a stern-faced Stefan looked up from his chessboard. Leo asked for a reward for his work. Stefan grabbed Leo by the throat and asked him, "What kind of grift are you trying to pull?"

Stefan explained that Brady had given decoy information to Leo then acquired a company that DiMera had wanted. Surprised, Leo said he had relayed the information Brady had given him. Leo swore he was not working with Brady. When Leo suggested that someone had tipped off Brady, Stefan called Leo a moron. Leo begged for a second chance.

"I don't need you anymore," Stefan said. "I can still make a difference!" Leo pleaded. When Leo promised to find out who had betrayed Stefan, Stefan countered that he already knew the answer to that question.

In Marlena's hospital room, Marlena joked to John that they should add poisoning to the list of things that could not kill her. John said he was thankful that Marlena was on the road to recovery. Diana knocked on the door and poked her head in. When Diana asked John why he had invited her over, John explained that he wanted to ask Diana questions about Marlena's poisoning. John showed Diana a photo of Kristen and asked if Diana had seen her at the hospital.

"So, this is the woman you think poisoned Marlena?" Diana asked. "Unless, of course, you think it could have been somebody else?" Marlena asked with a raised eyebrow. Diana asked about what nurse Shelly had seen. John said he wanted to have a second witness.

With a shrug, Diana said she did not think she had seen Kristen. Diana asked about other suspects. John said Kristen was the main suspect. When Diana asked about the I.V. bag, John said that forensics would have an answer in the morning. With a nod, Diana said that was good news. Diana wished Marlena a speedy recovery as John walked her out of the room.

In the hallway, John thanked Diana for her help. "Your support has meant a lot to me," John said. Diana said she would do anything to help John. John suggested that Diana and Leo join him and Marlena for dinner when Marlena was feeling better. After John walked away, Diana muttered to herself about wiping her prints from the I.V. bag. Nervous, Diana whispered that she needed to make sure.

John returned to Marlena's room and promised her that he would get to the bottom of the poisoning. "I think we are going to have her right where we want her," John said.

In the town square, Lani spotted J.J. drinking at the café. Lani told J.J. she was sorry to hear about Haley's deportation. J.J. confided that Haley had rejected his alternate solution, but he did not explain about his proposal. "Maybe there is still a chance that you two can be together," Lani suggested. J.J. admitted that he would never get to be with Haley again.

Haley returned to the loft, and a cheerful Claire sang "Here Comes the Bride." Haley sheepishly thanked Claire for her support. When Haley hugged Claire, Claire's fake smile melted away into a dark scowl.

Gabi arrived at the DiMera mansion and pretended not to know about the deal Brady had secured. Stefan asked Gabi if she was responsible for the corporate espionage and tipping off Brady about Leo in particular. "Did you ask [Leo] to spy on Brady? Because that would be a horrible idea," Gabi commented. Gabi denied that she had helped Brady. Gabi asked Stefan why he would trust Leo.

"The man is hardly trustworthy. But neither are you," Stefan said. Stefan argued that Mr. Shin would toss Gabi out of the company if the board believed Gabi had sabotaged DiMera Enterprises. Gabi countered that Stefan was likely to blame for the espionage so that he could drive down the cost of the company shares and consolidate his powers by buying up the stock. Stefan gritted his teeth and leaned close to Gabi.

"I would hate to see your daughter lose her mother again," Stefan said. Gabi slapped Stefan. "You will never slap me again," Stefan growled. "You will never threaten me or my daughter again, because if you do, I guarantee that you're the one that is going to be terminated," Gabi said as she leaned closer to Stefan, unfazed. Stefan and Gabi locked eyes, both fuming. As Stefan repeatedly clenched his fist and swallowed his anger, Gabi walked out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a furious Leo asked Brady why Brady had fed him false information. "Let me get this straight. Are you angry at me for stopping you from spying on me?" Brady asked with a chuckle. "You set me up!" Leo exclaimed. "Again, you were spying on me," Brady reiterated.

Brady called Leo a con artist. Brady said he did not care who Leo was; he would not trust him. "You've finally gotten what you deserve. Nothing," Brady said firmly. Leo yelled at Brady for ruining his only source of income. Brady suggested that Leo get a real job.

"If things get desperate for you, you could go back to being an escort," Brady joked. Frustrated, Leo announced that he was going to talk to John at the hospital. "I am his son. You will not keep me from him," Leo said. "You mean his money," Brady added. Leo rushed over to the hospital with Brady hot on his heels. Leo demanded to see John. Marlena shook her head and sighed. "Where is John?" Leo asked.

At the police station, Diana broke into a darkened office. The lights turned on, and, startled, Diana gasped and turned around. "Hello, Diana," John said as he held an evidence bag aloft.

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