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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, March 22, 2019
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
by Pam

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on Thursday, March 21, or Friday, March 22. Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 25. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

At Ridge's house, Taylor tried to convince Ridge that Thomas and Hope would make a good match. She reasoned that their grandson had lost his mother, and Hope had lost a child. Taylor had watched Hope and Douglas bond, and she was positive that they could form a family.

Ridge was surprised that Taylor would suggest something like that, and he tried to make her understand that everyone was worried about Douglas but that her suggestion was off base. Taylor insisted that she was right. "The reality is Douglas needs a mother, and Hope desperately needs a child," she said.

Ridge tried to be understanding because he recognized that Taylor was distraught. Taylor repeated her suggestion that Hope and Thomas could be together because they had been in love at one time. Ridge reminded Taylor that Hope was married to Liam.

Taylor maintained that Steffy and Liam would have been together if Bill hadn't interfered. Taylor knew that Steffy still loved Liam, and they had a family together.

Ridge argued that Liam and Steffy were working on their family while Liam was married to Hope. Taylor wanted Liam and Steffy to live under one roof together with the girls.

Taylor wanted Ridge to "step up" and fight for his daughter's happiness with Liam. Ridge was offended and said that Liam and Hope were happy. Taylor wouldn't let up. Ridge refused to push for Hope to lose her husband. Taylor insisted that Hope had tried to push Liam away. Taylor added that she knew that Liam would eventually return to Steffy. "Thomas is grieving," she said.

Ridge told Taylor that she needed to stop with her idea that Thomas and Hope should be together. Taylor started to cry and said it was devastating that Douglas had lost his mother. "It's too much," she said. Ridge hugged Taylor and told her to take a breath. Taylor lamented that their family had fallen apart, and she said nothing had been the same "since I lost you."

Taylor hugged Ridge, and she suddenly said she'd never stopped loving him. She kissed him, and Ridge gently pushed her away. Brooke was watching from the front door -- unnoticed by Ridge or Taylor. Ridge told Taylor to put the conversation and the kiss behind them. He walked away from her.

Taylor tried to compose herself. Brooke said she was sorry about Caroline's tragic death and for being gone during the memorial service. Brooke thanked Taylor "for being there for Ridge -- he was really upset by this."

Brooke noted that "tragic times like these bring people together." She added that emotions could be raw, and people could be vulnerable; however, she raised her voice and warned that what she had walked in on was inappropriate and unacceptable. Brooke was furious, and Taylor looked smug.

At Hope and Liam's cabin, Hope played Go Fish with Douglas, and Thomas watched. Douglas won another game, and Hope marveled at his skill. Thomas teased that Hope wasn't a very good player, but Douglas defended her and said she's "not so bad -- just not as good as Mom."

Thomas told Douglas that the cabin was built on property that had a buried treasure outside. Hope agreed, and Douglas wanted to know what kind of treasure. Thomas said it was gold and lollipops. He presented a lollipop to Douglas and acted as if it had magically appeared behind Douglas' ear. Hope marveled at the magic, and Douglas duplicated the trick for her. Hope called him a wizard.

Later, Hope and Douglas danced and sang to the "Baby Shark" video on a laptop. They laughed, and Thomas did, too. Douglas wanted to play outside, and Thomas told him to stay close to the house. Thomas told Hope that he and Douglas would be staying at Ridge and Brooke's house. Hope assured him that he would be fine. Thomas was worried that he had suddenly become a single parent, and it was scary. "We're all here for both of you," Hope said. Thomas thanked her and said she had been amazing with Douglas.

At Spencer, Katie and Bill discussed that the memorial service for Caroline had been beautiful, and they both felt for Caroline's mothers. Bill was worried that they had lost their only child, and he felt guilty that he had three healthy sons and a thriving granddaughter. He said it was a reminder of how fragile life was. He said that family was important, and Katie complimented him on leading the Spencer family through a difficult time. Bill thanked her for being there for him.

Bill regretted the mistakes he'd made with Caroline. Katie was understanding. She acknowledged that he had been working to repair relationships that were important to him. She knew that Will understood, too. "You're making me remember the man I fell in love with," Katie said. He grabbed her hand and thanked her. They joked that they looked forward to bumping into each other again soon.

In another office at Spencer, Justin, Donna, Wyatt, Sally, and Liam said they were all concerned about Douglas. They all praised Caroline as a mother and a wonderful woman who had been full of life.

Liam and Wyatt noted that Bill was a different man, and Donna agreed. So did Sally. They agreed Bill had a soft spot for his niece -- and Katie. They were all in agreement that Bill and Katie might get back together, but Sally said they were very different. Justin said they were yin and yang.

Later, when Liam and Wyatt were alone, they discussed what a whirlwind of creativity Caroline had been. Wyatt sympathized that there had been a lot of loss for Liam lately, and they were all worried about Hope.

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